What you don't know can hurt you

  • Are you getting an NDA signed prior to disclosing technology on which you’ll be filing a patent application?
    If not, you will lose the right to patent the technology in most foreign countries.
  • Are your restricted stock recipients filing 83(b) elections within 30 days?
    If not, they will owe ordinary income tax on each vesting date even if they don’t sell their shares.
  • Are your independent contractors really employees?
    Prepare to pay the IRS additional back taxes with interest, plus a 12-35% penalty if you’re wrong. And then there’s California...

Every business requires a certain amount of non-core overhead to comply with the law, manage risk, and facilitate core activities. Infrastructure Group enables a company to focus its precious time and cash on core activities by cost-effectively outsourcing its administrative, legal, financial, and human resources activities to Infrastructure Group's integrated team of experts. IG acts as your combined CFO/General Counsel/CAO/HR staff at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own.

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